Hey there, I am Aman! 👋🏽

My pronouns are (he/him). I am a senior engineering undergraduate at the University of Delhi.

I am deeply passionate about Computer Science Research, Analysis Systems, Physics and Space. I am majoring in Information Technology and Mathematical Innovations.

I am also an open-source enthusiast who is always keen to learn more about everything from Research Software, Ethics of Technology to Climate Change and Sustainability.

Currently, I am working as an IRIS-HEP Fellow on the Hist and uproot-browser libraries.

I am actively exploring my options for pursuing a job in the field of Research Software Engineering. I believe it would further help me to pursue my higher studies, preferably in one of my interest areas, and if possible, at their intersection.

Apart from this, I love photographs, words, exploring new things, travelling, and making friends. Oh and ofcourse, cheese. :)

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